The Fork and Hose Co. crew....

We here at Fork and Hose Co. believe in teamwork , whether it's on the fireground or in the kitchen and so we have teamed up with like-minded people to "make the push" possible !

Every Monday, our friends at 555 Fitness feature a healthy firehouse meal ! To get your healthy recipe considered tag us @forkandhoseco 

We "back-up" our friends at 555 Fitness by featuring one of their effective workouts every Friday, these WOD's (workout of the day) require very little equipment and time !

F&H Co. also teamed up with the Engine 2 Diet !  Every first Monday of the month we feature all plant-based recipes and meals to show how delicious and beneficial veggies can be! 

Just recently we started working with the FirefighterThrowdown, a rigorous fitness competition for firefighters ! Every Thursday from now until the games at the end of January we will have "Throwdown Thursdays" where we will feature meals and tips that will help fuel you through your workouts ! 


Posted on December 8, 2014 .